Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Solutions capture your audience through powerful 360 Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools, creating exciting experiences and new environments for them to explore.

The Challenge

In most retail, venues, and events, the experience or presentation is almost always static - not provoking any interest for engagement.

How it works

Powerful 3D content can be triggered by AR when honed in on a target object. VR immerses the viewer in a 3D environment and tracks their movements.

Cross-Platform Integration

For mobile AR, this is compatible to any IOS and Android device. For on-premise, this can be deployed to tablets or iPaDs.

Specialized Device

The VR immersive experience requires a specialized VR goggles.

Learn More About Mixed Reality

For detailed information on how Mixed Reality can help your business, download this e-brochure to find out more about specifications and installations.
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